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Glass 4U Inc provides the highest quality Vintage and Auto Glass for the St. Louis and surrounding areas.

Glass 4U Inc is a locally owned and operated business located in House Springs Missouri. Typically servicing a 25 mile radius, Glass 4U Inc provides automotive glass repair, as well as Vintage Glass creation and replacement. If you have any questions, or live outside of the area of operation, please give us a call as exceptions may be made.

Custom Fitted Glass For Your Vintage Vehicle

Vintage vehicles are a classic that should be shown off. Glass 4U Inc takes that expectation seriously. If you have a classic looking for a glass repair or replacement call us today for a free quote!

Installation Is More Than Just Putting A Piece Of Glass In

It may be surprising how important a vehicles windshield actually is. It consists up to 60% of the vehicles structural integrity. Glass 4U inc. understands this, and knows that the quality of the physical glass and the method in which it’s put in, carries more weight than just protecting you from the outside elements.

In a rollover accident your windshield should stay in place taking the stress of impact. If  the quality of the glass is not made to withstand this pressure, or if it slips out of place from an incorrect installation, risk of injury comes to play, and could result in critical conditions.

Verlynn Winberry, Founder of Glass 4U inc., has over 30 years of experience and started the company with this comprehensive service in mind.  If you feel you need auto glass for any of your personal vehicles, please feel free to give us a call to schedule an appointment.


Hours of Operation:

Monday:            8am – 5pm

Tuesday:            8am – 5pm

Wednesday:    8am – 5pm

Thursday:          8am – 5pm

Friday:                 8am – 5pm